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Sunday, April 6, 2014

Ocean Word Problems

The students used paper fish manipulatives to solve addition and subtraction word problems. Each student could pick their own numbers to use. They then solved the problems. After solving their own problems, they worked with their table groups to  check them.

Balanced Equations

My teammate, Mrs. Guzman, had a great way of having the students show their understanding of equal, or balanced, number sentences. Each student was given a sum to show with paper color tiles in two different ways on a student drawn balance scale. The students then wrote to explain the number sentences and how they were equal.

Saturday, February 22, 2014


Our class has been using Edmodo in the computer lab to help learn more technology skills. We have also been using it to practice our content subjects in fun ways. For example, when we were studying space, we used the Earth and Space app to practice putting the planets in order. To review telling time, we used the Time Teacher app. The students have also used Edmodo as a place to take quizzes, polls, and answer questions. The students answered what types of non-fiction subjects they would like to research, where they would like to go on a field trip, and more. Parents, I've sent home login password cards previously along with the permission slip. If you need another set of cards, let me know. There are several resources in our class folder in Edmodo that your child can use to learn at home.

DreamBox Learning

The students have really been enjoying DreamBox Learning in the computer lab. DreamBox is an adaptive online math curriculum and learning game. Students work on math tasks that are at their needed level and rigor. Parents, you can have your child practice this at home as well by visiting our school specific site: The students' login and password are both their school ID number. You can locate it in Skyward Family Access.

Balancing Number Sentences

The students used balance scales and manipulatives to demonstrate different ways to make the same sum. This helps them understand two different number sentences that are equal or to find a missing part of a number sentence.

Number Sentence Match Up

Mrs. Timms, who plans our math, came up with a fun game for the students to play to practice finding equivalent number sentences. The students have a set of cards with number sentences on them. They turn two over at a time, like in a traditional matching game. If the number sentences equal the same total, they get to keep the cards. If they do not, they have to put them back. This is a great game for them to play for additional practice while I work with  small groups.

Taking Math Outdoors

After several weeks of freezing temperatures, we have been loving the warmer weather. So, we decided to take math outside. We have been learning about balanced equations or number sentences. The Students took a dry erase board outside and I called out various number sentences. They wrote the number sentences and then drew circles under each addend. They then counted the number of circles on each side of the equal sign to see if both sides were equal, or balanced.

Valentine's Day Math

The students have been working on the strategy of "Making Ten" to help them with larger addition problems. But, in order to do that, they need to know what addends make ten quickly first. So, we reviewed by adding dark and milk chocolates. You can find this template on my Teachers Pay Teachers store.

100th Day Snack

To celebrate the 100th day the students were asked to bring in various snack items. Each student then made a placemat with ten circles on it. They chose ten pieces of each snack item that was brought it to add to their placemat. As a class we practiced counting by tens to 100. They then combined their tens to make a 100 day trail mix. They also made bags of trail mix for the office staff, specials staff, and our PTA volunteers.

100th Day Show and Tell

For the 100th day of school, we read 100th Day Worries by Margery Cuyler. As a homework assignment, the students collected a bag full of 100 items. Some of the students brought in items that were alike, some brought in ten groups of ten, and some brought in 20 groups of five. The students sorted and counted their items and then shared them with the class.

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