Monday, March 12, 2018

Jim Dine vs. Peter Max Comparisons

Jim Dine and Peter Max Inspired Artworks

Black History Month Freedom Quilt and Portraits

Banksy and Warhol Inspired Snowflakes

Banksy Inspired Printed Snowflakes

Scrapbook Paper Collaged Christmas Trees

Fall Landscapes

Spread Kindness Around the World Murals

Dual Language Mural

Matisse vs. Marisol Artist Comparisons

Marisol Inspired Self-Portraits

Matisse Inspired Projects

Soaring to New Heights: Hot Air Balloons

Metal Embossing

Spring Flower Pinch Pots

Gelli Plate Moving People Collages

Gelli Plate Flowers and Trees Collages

Gelli Plate Animal Collages

Spirit of Service Projects Honoring MLK

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