Thursday, September 29, 2011

The Shape of Things

Last week we read The Shape of Things during our study of two-dimensional shapes. To help the students realize that shapes make up our world, they created pictures based off of either a circle or a square rectangle. They are amazing! Their pictures are currently on display in the hallway but will soon be put together as a class book for our class library.


  1. these are wonderful!!! I love the idea!!! can't wait to do it with my new students this year!!!

  2. These are wonderful!!! I loooove the idea!!! I can't wait to try it with my new students...:)

  3. These are perfect! I love their ideas. Lots of world knowledge displayed. Thanks for sharing. Liz

  4. LOVE this idea! Thanks so much for sharing.
    I have a site for teachers too. (PK-2nd) 1,000's of printables and everything's FREE.
    Hope you get a moment to stop by:


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