Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Awards Ceremony

We had our annual first grade awards ceremony this morning to honor all of the students' hard work. The students received awards for academic achievement, excellent attendance, excellent citizenship, and for being "Terrific Thunderbirds." Top Reader awards were also given to the three students who turned in the most reading logs this year.  Below are a few pictures of the students with their awards.

 Terrific Thunderbirds

 Academic Achievement

Excellent Citizenship

 Excellent Attendance

Jet to Success Top Readers

Monday, May 30, 2011

Memorial Day Lessons

Due to all of the "snow" days during the winter, we had on Memorial Day to make up for lost time. To instill the importance of Memorial Day, each first grade class rotated through patriotic stations to learn more about our country and the people who protect it. We began our study of Memorial Day by reading H is for Honor which is an alphabet book about Military families. We then read "Memorial Day" from the website Reading A-Z. After introducing the meaning of Memorial Day, the students went to their first station to learn about American symbols including the bald eagle. The students then made their own bald eagle craft. They then went to Mrs. Goolsbay-Bobick's class to learn the meaning of the Pledge of Allegience and to create an American Flag craft. The students later went to a Patriotic Music and Book station with Ms. Pollard where they learned traditional patriotic songs such as "America The Beautiful" and "Yankee Doodle Dandy." They then went outside with Mrs. Linnabary to have a fun in the sun.  All of the classes learned more about through the history and importance of Memorial Day and our veterans through history videos checked out from the library.

Exemplary Celebration

Moseley is EXEMPLARY! We've known all along that Moseley is a great school and once again the school has received an "exemplary" rating from Texas Education Agency. To celebrate, our Principal played "Wild Things" for the students. The 5th grade students then performed a special dance for the school to "Celebration." Great job to all the students at Moseley - especially the 3rd, 4th, and 5th graders who mastered the TAKS.

Sunday, May 29, 2011

Important End-of-Year Dates

Next week will be the last week of school and it will be a very busy week. A note has previously been sent home regarding these dates, but just in case you missed it, mark these important dates on your calendar:
  • Pride Rally/Exemplary Celebration – Monday, May 30th at 8:20AM in cafeteria
  • Memorial Day Lessons - Monday, May 30th throughout the day (bad weather make-up day)
  • Awards Ceremony - Tuesday, May 31st from 9:15-10:00AM in cafeteria
  • Picnic – Thursday, June 2nd from 11:30-1:30PM on east playground
  • Early Dismissal – Friday, June 3rd at 1:30PM

 Parents are welcome to attend Pride Rally, the Awards Ceremony, and the Picnic.

Moseley Garden Blog

Our literacy strategist, Mrs. Reed, who also teaches gardening lessons to our students, has started a Moseley garden blog. She has posted pictures of the various plants that the students have planted and nurtured. Our grade planted onions and potatoes. The students really love going out to water the plants and see their growth. Through the garden they are learning various math, science, and social studies skills such as measurement, life cycles, energy, recycling, animal habitats, and natural resources. Thank you Mrs. Reed for all of your hard work!

Reader's Theater Performance

Thank you to all of the parents and families who were able to attend the First Grade End-of-Year Reader's Theater Performance. The students have worked so hard this year to improve their reading and it really showed today. Below are a few pictures from the performance. In case you missed the performance, the students have been working on creating a podcast of "The Three Little Pigs" which they performed at the Reader's Theater Performance. Their recording will be posted within the next few days once they are finished.

Career Day

The students learned about various careers today thanks to the many volunteers that came to visit. The students learned about how to take care of pets properly thanks to Grand Prairie Animal Services. They also learned about fire safety and the role of firemen and paramedics thanks to the Grand Prairie Fire Department. Thank you to our school counselor, Ms. Terry, for planning this fun day for the students.

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Armadillo Rodeo

As a part of our Social Studies unit over Texas regions, we read Armadillo Rodeo by Jan Brett which is a story about an armadillo in the Hill Country of Texas who mistakes a red cowboy boot for a red armadillo. After reading, the students discussed the main idea of the story with their partner. They then wrote the main idea of the story and illustrated it.

Robots! Robots! Robots!

As we ended our Social Studies unit on inventors last week, the students had the opportunity to become inventors themselves. The students used two boxes (a great way to recycle) along with a table full of odds-and-ends to design and create their own robot. As a part of the process, each student had to write a plan that included the robot's name, what it was made from, how it works, and what problem it solves. We discussed that inventors need plans of their inventions with dates on them so that no one else can steal their idea. Along with the robot plans and writing, the students journaled in their inventor's notebook about as many inventions they could come up with. Who knows, maybe one day we will see their inventions and ideas in stores!

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The Goat in the Garden

Last week we read the read-aloud The Goat in the Garden. The Goat in the Garden is a tale from Mexico about a couple who can not get a mischevious goat from eating all the vegetables in their garden so they recruit other animals to help them. After reading the story, the students created a Flow Map together on the dry erase board to retell the story. They then completed story element maps individually to describe the characters, setting, problem, and solution.

Sunday, May 22, 2011

You're Invited! Reader's Theater Presentation

Please join us for performances of various Readers’ Theaters by your students. Reader’s Theaters are short plays, typically without costumes or props, that are written to help students’ reading development. They have been an important part of our reading work this year as we practiced fluent reading.

Date: Friday, May 27th
Time: 2:30PM – 3:15PM
Where: Moseley Cafeteria

Thursday, May 19, 2011

Favorite Insects

During reading we have been reading about and learning about a variety of insects through both fiction and non-fiction texts. As a part of our writing program, Write From the Beginning, the students brainstormed their favorite insects on a Circle Map and then chose one to write about. Using a Flow Map, the students wrote three reasons the insect was their favorite and then used the Flow Map to help them write sentences. As a part of the writing process, the students had to use adverbs to transition between sentences. After writing their draft, we edited them together and they rewrote a final draft. While we were editing in small groups, the students created art of their favorite insect to display with their final drafts.

I Have A Little Shadow

This week the students read the poem "My Shadow" by Robert Louis Stevenson. After reading, we used the same brainstorming process that I wrote about in the post "Hey, Bug!" to list things a shadow might do and words that rhyme with those things. After brainstorming, the students again "popcorned" out ideas for the poem and the class voted on which ones they liked the best. They then worked together to write a final draft of the poem and illustrate it. It still amazes me how similar the illustrations are even though they worked in small groups - communicating with one another at its best!

Hey, Bug!

Last week and this week the students have been reading and writing rhyming poems. Poetry is a large part of our daily reading lessons as a way to focus on fluency. We began the lesson by reading the poem "Hey, Bug!". After reading, the students brainstormed things that bugs can do which we listed on the whiteboard. The students then brainstormed words that rhyme with those things that bugs can do. This gave them a starting point for their own rhyming poem about bugs. Starting with the topic word "bug" the students shouted out their ideas for the poem. We call this "popcorning" ideas. As students would call out ideas, I would repeat them and the students would decide which one they liked the best and we would add it to chart paper. We would continue the process until each of the beginnings words that describe what a bug can do were used at least once along with a rhyming word. We then went back and read the poem as a whole to see if it made sense and if it had a rhythm. Once everyone agreed on the completed poem, the students worked in small groups to rewrite the final version on chart paper, in sets of rhyming pairs. After the students wrote their portion of the poem, the students had to agree on what type of bug it was and how to illustrate it. Then each group went back and illustrated their part.

Computer Work Portfolios

Each week our class goes to the computer lab at least once. Because we usually go during our math block, our computer lessons tend to focus on math concepts. Below are a few movies that showcase the work the students have done this year in the computer lab. The students exported the pictures themselves and saved them to our school's shared drive. They are currently working on creating their own movies to showcase their individual work which will be uploaded to their KidBlog sometime next week.


A few weeks back we read the Japanese tale Timimoto. Timimoto is a story about a tiny baby boy, no bigger than your thumb, who was found by an elderly couple and raised as their own. As Timimoto grew older he wanted to go out into the world and explore. Along his way he had many adventures and trying times but ended up saving the day. After reading the story, the students worked in groups to create a foldable with boxes. In each box they retold one part of the story and illustrated it. They then cut the boxes apart and put them in order on a sentence strip. After each group finished their story sequencing, they shared their retell with the class.

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