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Monday, January 17, 2011

Base Ten Blocks

This week we will be working on identifying, building, and comparing numbers to 99. To help practice this at home, there is a great online manipulative program at Learning Box. The online program generates random two-digit numbers (can do three-digit for older students) which the students then build with Base Ten Blocks. As an added bonus, the game shows where the built number belongs on a number line or ruler. This helps students visually see which number is the greatest or least.

Thursday, June 3, 2010

Year in Review

It has been a great year in first grade! This year came and went very quickly. Enjoy a slideshow of the year in review - its amazing to see how much they have grown!

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End-of-Year Festivities

This week we have been celebrating all of the wonderful accomplishments the students have made during the year through various activities. From our awards ceremony to the end-of-year picnic, the students have been very busy! Enjoy a quick slideshow of the highligths from this week.

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Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Reader's Theater Presentation

Below are the podcasts of the end of year reader's theater presentations. The students recorded "The Three Little Pigs" in the computer lab using Audacity software, with the help of our technology facilitator. The students were so excited about their recording that we decided to record the other two in class.

The recordings can also be found at my Podbean website if you want to download and save them.

Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Don't Let the Cows Out

In trying to think of a new, engaging way to have the students practice their math facts I came up with a silly game that only kids would love: "Don't Let the Cows Out!". The students sit in a circle and pretend to be a fence while two "cowboys" or "cowgirls" go into the middle to throw the "cows", known to us adults as dice. The first student to call out the sum of the two dice gets to stay in the middle with the cows. The other student goes back to their seat to make "chili" and "beans" for when the "cowboys" and "cowgirls" get tired and hungry from all their math practice. If the "cowboys" or "cowgirls" get to zealous and let the "cows" out of the fence, then they have to go catch them and pretend to clean up after the cows. Although we play with large foam dice, your child can practice the same thing at home with regular dice on the table. It can also be played with subtraction. Below are a few pictures of the students playing:

Field Day 2010

Yesterday the students enjoyed a hot, fun-filled day outside at Field Day 2010. Coach Bentley, as a part of his physical education program, had several stations that the students rotated through. At the end of Field Day, the students enjoyed a snow cone snack followed by an indoor picnic. Enjoy the slideshow!
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Wednesday, May 26, 2010

A Picture Is Worth A Thousand Words

Today the students created Bubble Maps to brainstorm all of their favorite things from First Grade. After the Thinking Maps were complete, I compiled their words into a collage using an online program, Wordle. Wordle is a great way to have students practice their spelling and typing in a fun and creative way. Here is the Wordle of the students' favorite things from this year:

Wordle: First Grade

To see a larger image, you will need to click on the picture above which will take you to a new window. The image can also be printed.

Tuesday, May 25, 2010

You're Invited: Reader's Theater Performances

You're Invited! As a reminder, the first grade classes are hosting a reader's theater presentation this Friday, the 28th, beginning at 2:30PM in the cafeteria. Each class will perform their own short play followed but a couple of reader's theaters performed by the entire grade. Please join us as the students showcase and celebrate all of their reading accomplishments!

Career Day

Today Moseley had their annual Career Day. First grade had the opportunity to hear from professionals in law enforcement and safety. The students learned about how to stay safe from an area police officer. As a part of his presentation the students learned about "stranger danger" from McGruff, the crime fighting dog. To learn more about McGruff, you can visit his website which is a part of The National Crime Prevention Council. The site has many child-centered activities that focus on putting safety first. The students also learned about fire safety from the Grand Prairie Fire Department. The officers demonstrated their protective clothing, how some of their tools work, and gave the students a chance to look around their truck. The firefighters emphasized the importance of not only practicing fire drills at school but at home also. is a great resource to help get this practice in place in your home if you do not already have a fire safety plan.

Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Time For Kids

As you've seen with the issues that come home, our grade level subscribes to Time Magazine for Kids. The kids love the magazine not only because it is on their independent reading level but also because the articles are easy for them to relate to. A very important aspect of learning to be a good reader is being able to make connections to texts. To enjoy some of the features of the magazine at home this summer, check out The Time Magazine for Kids webpage created specifically for kids. The site is updated frequently with current events put into terms that your child can understand.

Texas: The Big Picture

Last week and this week we are studying the various ecosystems in the seven Texas regions. Along with their geographical features and weather, we are exploring and comparing the different animals that depend upon these regions. We are also reviewing the various Texas symbols. To learn more about the Texas regions and for more fun activities, you can visit the Texas Parks and Wildlife website. At the conclusion of our lessons last week, the first grade classes joined together to watch the short film Texas: The Big Picture. The video shows the various landforms from the seven regions as well as past and modern history and culture of Texas. The video can be seen in the IMAX theater of The Bob Bullock Museum in Austin. If you are going to be in the area, it is a great place to visit for the whole family.

Literacy Luau

As a part of the family fun nights at Moseley, we recently had a "Literacy Luau" to promote a love of reading. In first grade we had two great activities: Making Beach Words and Beach Concentration. In Making Words, the students had to see how many words they could make from a set of letters. When all of the letters were used, they made a mystery word related to the beach. In Beach Concentration, the students played the old fashioned game of Memory but with a twist - they had to match the picture to its word card.

I Can Be An Inventor, Too!

In Social Studies we have been studying many inventors, past and present. Our focus was on Alexander Graham Bell and Thomas Edison. As a part of our study the students were able to make their own robots. As we learned, an important part of inventing is having a patent. To prove that they were the inventors of their robots, the students had to first make a plan and document it in their Inventor's Notebook. They also had to draw a diagram of what they wanted their robot to look like after they chose all of their robot parts. After building their robots, the students wrote papers about them including their name, what problem they could solve, and how. The students were very creative!

The Nature Center

With the end of the school year quickly approaching I have not been able to update the class blog as often as I would like to. But, hopefully this slideshow is worth the wait! At the conclusion of our garden and life cycle unit we were able to visit the district's Nature Center to explore many types of plants in various stages of growth. We were also able to visit the pond habitat, a creek, and see many insects, birds, and other animals along the way.
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Thursday, April 29, 2010

In the Garden

This six weeks we have been studying the garden habitat. From examining real earthworms to measuring and drawing insects, we have explored the different living and nonliving things that work together in a garden. Below you can get a glimpse of the many lessons and activities we did across all subject areas related to the garden habitat.

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Earth Day Book Swap

To celebrate Earth Day, we talked about reusing things we already have around the house. Below are a few snapshots from Moseley's first annual Earth Day Book Swap.

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Additive Artwork

A few weeks ago we reviewed patterns by creating additive pattern artwork. The students first built their additive patterns out of color tiles and then recreated those patterns on black paper using one inch paper squares. Enjoy a quick slideshow of the students at work.

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Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Earth Day Book Swap

Earth Day Book Swap
April 22, 2010

Do you have old books lying around the house
that you’ve already read but no longer need?
Instead of letting them go to waste, recycle them!

The Moseley Green Team is hosting an Earth Day Book Swap!
Beginning Monday, April 19th, and ending Wednesday, April 21st,
you may bring in gently used books to your classroom.
When you bring in a book, your teacher will give you a Book Swap Ticket.
On Earth Day, Thursday, April 22nd, you may visit the First Grade Common Area to use your ticket to trade for a different gently used book that a fellow classmate has brought.
You may bring in as many books as you would like to trade.
The Earth Day Book Swap is a great way to get
new reading material for your home library for free!

Thursday, April 8, 2010

Egg Hunt and Spring Party

Last Thursday the kids had a great time celebrating Spring. We started our day by creating "bunny bags" which they later used to collect eggs at the annual egg hunt. Following the egg hunt, the kids enjoyed a snack while relaxing with their buddies. Below are a few pictures of the egg hunt and Spring party. There aren't many of the actual egg hunting because the kids were so fast!

Casa Manana Field Trip

As a conclusion to our Language Arts lessons on comparing versions of Cinderella, our class visited Casa Manana in Fort Worth to watch their new production of Cinderella. The students seemed to really enjoy the play. Following the play we went to a local park to have a picnic and play for a few minutes. Enjoy the quick pictures from the field trip.
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