Sunday, May 12, 2013

Robots: More Pictures

Here are some close-up pictures of the students with their robots. As you can see by the smiles on their faces, they are very proud of their inventions. Their robots turned out fantastic!

Robots: I Can Be an Inventor, Too!

At the conclusion of our inventors unit, the students had the chance to be an inventor themselves. Using empty boxes covered in foil, the students created their own robots. They added numerous recycled items such as toilet paper tubes, bottles, lids, buttons, and pipe cleaners. They are currently on the revising and editing stages of writing about what their robot can do if he or she were real.


Mother's Day Gifts

In the computer lab the students brainstormed various words to describe their mother which we recorded on a Circle Map. Then using Tagxedo, the typed in at least ten of the words. They then chose a heart shaped template and a color scheme they thought their mom would like. After saving the files, I printed them for the students in color and used Mod Podge to adhere them to tiles. It was a very simple and easy project for the students to express how they feel about their mothers in a lasting keepsake.

Measuring in the Garden

To review measuring and comparing length, we took our math lesson out to the school garden. Using pop cubes, the students took turns estimating and then measuring the various heights of plants. They compared the pop cube lengths to one another to determine which plant was the longest and which was the shortest. While we were in the garden we reviewed the parts of the plants and how bugs and plants are interdependent upon one another.

Inventors Research

In the computer lab the students used PebbleGo to research various inventors of their choice. I love PebbleGo because not only can the students read the information themselves but they can have it read to them as well. There are also various pictures, videos, and timelines to help them comprehend the material. As the students learned about their chosen inventor, they recorded facts on a Circle Map. They then used those facts to help them write a research paper about their inventor.

Inventors: Thomas Edison

Another inventor that we studied in Social Studies was Thomas Edison. After learning about his many inventions and accomplishments, the students discussed how things would be different today if we did not have his inventions. They then brainstormed various modern day inventions that use the light bulb. They drew a light bulb and then wrote some of those modern day inventions around it.

Inventors: Garrett Morgan

In Social Studies we have been learning about various inventors. One of the inventors we learned about was Garrett Morgan. We read a book about his life and inventions from Reading A-Z. As a class the students recorded facts they learned about him on a Circle Map. The students then created a traffic signal, one of his many inventions, to record at least three facts they learned about him.

Pirates Don't Change Diapers

During our author study over David Shannon books, we read Pirates Don't Change Diapers. After reading the story, the students retold the beginning, middle, and end on a Flow Map using the Promethean Board. They then created a three-flap foldable individually to retell the story. Once they were finished, we had a mini-art lesson on how to draw a pirate. Their drawings turned out amazing!

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