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Saturday, May 3, 2014

Thomas Edison and The Light Bulb

In Social Studies the students are learning about various inventors and their contributions to society. The first inventor they are learning about is Thomas Alva Edison. To learn about him, the students researched him on PebbleGo, watched a short video about him on Discovery Education, and created timelines of his life. Using the information that they learned, they created a Bubble Map together which they then used to write a shared research paper. I typed their words to save time since this was a last minute, extra lesson but they told me exactly what to say - I think they enjoyed telling the teacher what to do! I printed their paper out on our poster machine. The students also brainstormed various modern day technologies we would not have without the invention of the light bulb. The students illustrated and labeled nine things that use a light bulb.


Sunday, May 12, 2013

Inventors: Thomas Edison

Another inventor that we studied in Social Studies was Thomas Edison. After learning about his many inventions and accomplishments, the students discussed how things would be different today if we did not have his inventions. They then brainstormed various modern day inventions that use the light bulb. They drew a light bulb and then wrote some of those modern day inventions around it.

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