Thursday, April 29, 2010

In the Garden

This six weeks we have been studying the garden habitat. From examining real earthworms to measuring and drawing insects, we have explored the different living and nonliving things that work together in a garden. Below you can get a glimpse of the many lessons and activities we did across all subject areas related to the garden habitat.

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Earth Day Book Swap

To celebrate Earth Day, we talked about reusing things we already have around the house. Below are a few snapshots from Moseley's first annual Earth Day Book Swap.

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Additive Artwork

A few weeks ago we reviewed patterns by creating additive pattern artwork. The students first built their additive patterns out of color tiles and then recreated those patterns on black paper using one inch paper squares. Enjoy a quick slideshow of the students at work.

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Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Earth Day Book Swap

Earth Day Book Swap
April 22, 2010

Do you have old books lying around the house
that you’ve already read but no longer need?
Instead of letting them go to waste, recycle them!

The Moseley Green Team is hosting an Earth Day Book Swap!
Beginning Monday, April 19th, and ending Wednesday, April 21st,
you may bring in gently used books to your classroom.
When you bring in a book, your teacher will give you a Book Swap Ticket.
On Earth Day, Thursday, April 22nd, you may visit the First Grade Common Area to use your ticket to trade for a different gently used book that a fellow classmate has brought.
You may bring in as many books as you would like to trade.
The Earth Day Book Swap is a great way to get
new reading material for your home library for free!

Thursday, April 8, 2010

Egg Hunt and Spring Party

Last Thursday the kids had a great time celebrating Spring. We started our day by creating "bunny bags" which they later used to collect eggs at the annual egg hunt. Following the egg hunt, the kids enjoyed a snack while relaxing with their buddies. Below are a few pictures of the egg hunt and Spring party. There aren't many of the actual egg hunting because the kids were so fast!

Casa Manana Field Trip

As a conclusion to our Language Arts lessons on comparing versions of Cinderella, our class visited Casa Manana in Fort Worth to watch their new production of Cinderella. The students seemed to really enjoy the play. Following the play we went to a local park to have a picnic and play for a few minutes. Enjoy the quick pictures from the field trip.

Baby Beluga: Pride Rally Share

A few weeks ago the students had the opportunity to share at Pride Rally what they have been learning. After researching the Beluga Whale as a class, each student wrote one learned fact on a Beluga Whale shaped piece of notebook paper. The whales were then assembled into a Bubble Map. At Pride Rally the students read their facts. At the conclusion of their share time, students sang "Baby Beluga." Below are a few pictures from Pride Rally.

Open House: Ocean Adventures

This is a little late coming, but thank you to all of the families who came to Open House. We had a great time. Over this last six weeks the students explored the Ocean Habitat in cross-curricular lessons. The students began by researching about a specific ocean animal in the library with Ms. Tricoli. They then used their research notes to write, edit, and revise research papers. Using their research papers, the students created slides on the computer about their animals. After creating their slides, the students typed and recorded themselves reading one fact about their ocean animal. The slides were compiled into an ocean video. (The video will be posted at a later time after modifications are made.) The students also read numerous books about the ocean, created math word problems with fish, and reviewed the parts of a plant with a study of Kelp. Students were able to experiment with the ocean habitat by making an "ocean in a bottle." Below is a quick video of the students' hard work.

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