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Friday, November 30, 2012

Additive Patterns

The students practiced extending additive patterns by following four step cards. They built their patterns with color tiles and verbally identified how the patterns grew and changed. They then worked in cooperative groups to recreate one of the additive patterns using paper color tiles. Individually the students wrote one or two sentences about how the pattern grew.


Thursday, November 15, 2012

Additive Pattern Headbands

Since we are learning more about additive patterns and Thanksgiving, we made additive pattern headbands. We discussed the type of clothes that Native Americans wore and the intricate designs that they added to some of their clothing. The students then used fall colors on sentence strips to follow and recreate multi-step additive patterns. They then added a feather to their headbands.

Thursday, October 18, 2012

Additive Patterns

The students practiced creating additive patterns with pattern blocks. After creating several, they chose their favorite to recreate on a sentence strip with paper pattern blocks. I am so thankful to have parent volunteers who cut out all of the paper pattern blocks we needed for our pattern lessons.

M&M Patterns

To reinforce repeating patterns and additive patterns, the students worked in cooperative groups to create patterns with paper M&M manipulatives. They used popsicle sticks to divide the repeating parts. After creating their patterns the students went on a gallery walk to practice labeling the patterns with letters. Next I gave the students only one color of M&M manipulatives. I asked them again to create a pattern. Previous students have been stumped by this challenge but not this group. They immediatley knew that they had to make positional patterns. I attribute this to the amazing quality of teaching we have in our Kindergarten. And, the kids are smart! Some of the groups chose to keep the patterns in a row but turning the M to various positions while other groups chose to move the M&Ms up and down to create a pattern. And of course, hard work deserves a reward. So, the students had the opportunity to build a variety of patterns with real M&Ms and then eat them.


Thursday, November 17, 2011

Additive Patterns

This week we are learning more about additive patterns. The students followed three and four step pattern cards to create various additive patterns with color tiles. The students then formed small groups to create their patterns with paper color tiles. They then wrote about how their pattern grew.

Pattern Turkeys

As a part of our study on repeating and additive patterns, the students created pattern turkeys. Each student started with the same hexagon pattern block. They then could choose whichever shapes they wanted to add around the edges. They continued adding to the pattern until they were satisfied. The students then recreated their pattern on white paper with paper pattern blocks and added a turkey body. As they worked we talked about how the number of blocks needed gets larger as you go. You can take a closer view of the pattern turkeys by watching the slideshow below.

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Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Number of Days in School

Each day during calendar we count the number of days we have been in school. We first count them using straws in a place value pocket chart like this one. We then turn the number over on the Hundreds Chart. Prior to turning over the number, the calendar helper asks their classmates to identify what number will come next and to make a prediction about its color pattern. Our numbers alternate in an AB color pattern. The students also identify if the number is even or odd. Following this, the students add a dot sticker to our Today's Number chart. The number chart is made of ten frames. The students add the dots one day at a time in a color pattern. This not only helps with patterns, but allows the ten frames to be skip counted by fives in addition to being counted by tens. After adding the dot sticker, the students count the number first by tens and ones. They then count the number again but this time they count by fives and ones. To help the students recognize when to break the counting pattern, they clap each time there is an incomplete row on a ten frame. This signals to them they need to start counting by ones. After counting the number several ways, they identify how many tens and ones are in the day's number and then write down the information along with its expanded notation.

Friday, September 30, 2011

M&M Patterns

As a part of our study of repeating and additive patterns, we had a little fun with M&Ms. The students first used paper M&Ms that I made. They made several color repeating patterns and used craft sticks to divide the repeating sections. We then said the letter labels for each pattern and discussed how they were the same or different. On the next day, the students used the paper M&Ms to create positional patterns. The students were a little stumped at first when I gave each group a set of single-colored M&Ms but they soon figured out that if they turned the M's different ways they could create positional patterns. And, of course, it is even more fun and tasty to create patterns with real M&Ms!

Thursday, September 29, 2011

Patterns, Patterns, and More Patterns!

This week we have been working on all types of patterns. The students created their own original patterns, created patterns based out of set letter patterns, and extended patterns based off of picture cards. They patterned with macaroni, color tiles, pattern blocks, and computer manipulatives. The students had to identify the pattern core of each pattern, how many times the pattern repeated, where the pattern repeated, and whether it was a repeating pattern or an additive pattern. Click below to see a slideshow of their pattern adventures.

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Complete the Pattern

This week we have been working on identifying, creating, and extending repeating and additive patterns. To help them with this skill, you can have your child play this fun pattern game! The students identify what comes next in the color patterns. As your child plays, ask them what the pattern core is - the part that repeats. Also ask them to label the pattern verbally using letters.

Sunday, August 28, 2011

First Grade Math Games

Each week our class visits the computer lab to practice our math skills. To make life easier, I created a Sqworl page of some of my favorite first grade math games. You can visit this page to have your students practice various games over addition, subtraction, skip counting, measurement, patterns, graphing, time, and more.

Tuesday, April 19, 2011

KidBlog Update!

The students have been blogging away! They have written over 250 posts so far. Their latest blog entries are about additive patterns. When they wrote about additive patterns, they first created patterns in Kidspiration which then then exported to our class' shared folder. They then had to import the photo into their blog. Although the steps to export and import seemed tricky at first, the students were up the challenge and were very successful. They have also been using our writing strategies from Write From the Beginning to write personal narratives. They have also been practicing writing sentences using word wall and phonics words as well as using adverbs from our grammar lessons. When you get a few minutes, read their great posts at their KidBlog.

Additive Pattern Art

Last week as we learned about additive patterns, we talked about how there are patterns everywhere in life. We talked about how patterns can add beauty to objects and can look like art. So, the students used three and four step cards to build various additive patterns. They first built the patterns with color tiles and then recreated the pattern, step-by-step, using paper color tiles which they glued on to black construction paper. They then shared at least one thing they learned about additive patterns.

Thursday, March 24, 2011

Pattern Fish

To review repeating and additive patterns, we read Pattern Fish by Trudy Harris. The students then created their own pattern fish. We focused on extending and labeling the patterns.

Monday, February 28, 2011

Math in Review

To prepare for our end of six weeks math exam which is this week, the students have been working in rotating math stations. They have been practing ordering larger numbers from least to greatest and greatest to least, creating and extending patterns with a variety of materials, and identifying and solving addition and subtraction problems through the use of Doubles and Doubles Plus One.

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Friday, February 11, 2011

Pattern Block Fences

Today in math the students extended repeating patterns based off of pictures of pattern block fences. They had to extend the pattern at least three times. After extending their patterns, the students rotated around the room on a "gallery walk" to compare and contrast the different types of pattern block fences. Once everyone had a chance to see the variety of patterns, they went back to their own seat to remove two pattern blocks from their pattern. They then traded places with another classmate to see if the classmate could identify which pattern block piece was missing.

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Repeating and Additive Patterns

Yesterday in computer lab the students had the opportunity to use the school's new Promethean board. The students took turns creating, extending, and labeling repeating and additive patterns. They then created patterns at their individual student stations.

Pattern Practice

Last week (the short time we were in school) and this week we have been reviewing repeating patterns and learning about additive patterns. Additive patterns are patterns that grow. To help us practice, the students rotated through stations making patterns out of various manipulatives.

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Thursday, April 29, 2010

Additive Artwork

A few weeks ago we reviewed patterns by creating additive pattern artwork. The students first built their additive patterns out of color tiles and then recreated those patterns on black paper using one inch paper squares. Enjoy a quick slideshow of the students at work.

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