Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Number of Days in School

Each day during calendar we count the number of days we have been in school. We first count them using straws in a place value pocket chart like this one. We then turn the number over on the Hundreds Chart. Prior to turning over the number, the calendar helper asks their classmates to identify what number will come next and to make a prediction about its color pattern. Our numbers alternate in an AB color pattern. The students also identify if the number is even or odd. Following this, the students add a dot sticker to our Today's Number chart. The number chart is made of ten frames. The students add the dots one day at a time in a color pattern. This not only helps with patterns, but allows the ten frames to be skip counted by fives in addition to being counted by tens. After adding the dot sticker, the students count the number first by tens and ones. They then count the number again but this time they count by fives and ones. To help the students recognize when to break the counting pattern, they clap each time there is an incomplete row on a ten frame. This signals to them they need to start counting by ones. After counting the number several ways, they identify how many tens and ones are in the day's number and then write down the information along with its expanded notation.

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