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Sunday, April 14, 2013

Technology Savy: Flower Diagrams

The students created diagrams on flowers on the computer using Pixie 2 software. They used the various painting and clipart features to create their pictures. They then used text boxes and our class Brace Map to label and write about the function of each part. All of their diagrams can be seen on their KidBlog. The students export their work independently as I model it on the Promethean Board and then upload their work into their own blog.

Thursday, January 31, 2013

KidBlog: Space Art

Today in the computer lab the students began using their KidBlog.They were very excited. In reading we have been learning how to research using informational texts. Since they have been researching space in reading and learning about day and night in science, the drew a picture using Pixie 2 software of a few key facts about space. In their pictures they had to include the sun as the center with eight planets orbitting around. They also had to include stars as a part of the Milky Way Galaxy. The technology skills that we worked on were "click, hold, and drag" as well as how to resize and fill shape objects. Afte they created their pictures, they exported them (with my assistance). I then taught them how to login to their blog and upload their pictures. They were so excited and thought it was "magic!"

Sunday, February 12, 2012


The students recently started publishing their own blog, hosted by KidBlog. You can visit the blog here. For their first entry, the students wrote to describe the concept of an addition double. They then listed examples of doubles. The purpose of this assignment was to assess their understanding of the concept. The following week, the students used facts learned during our space research to write a few "Did you know?" facts about space. Their KidBlog will be used in computer lab and on the classroom student stations as a way to write about what they know, write personal narratives such as they do in their journals, to show technology products created in computer class, and to share affirmations with one another. Check back often to see what the students have added. Parents, I sent home passwords to the KidBlog previously. The students are welcome to add their own entries at home. They will not appear immediately because I have to approve them first, so if you do not see them right away, do not worry. If you need the password again, please feel free to ask.

Tuesday, April 19, 2011

KidBlog Update!

The students have been blogging away! They have written over 250 posts so far. Their latest blog entries are about additive patterns. When they wrote about additive patterns, they first created patterns in Kidspiration which then then exported to our class' shared folder. They then had to import the photo into their blog. Although the steps to export and import seemed tricky at first, the students were up the challenge and were very successful. They have also been using our writing strategies from Write From the Beginning to write personal narratives. They have also been practicing writing sentences using word wall and phonics words as well as using adverbs from our grammar lessons. When you get a few minutes, read their great posts at their KidBlog.

Wednesday, February 23, 2011


Our class recently started their own blog site through You can visit our class site here. Each student has a password to log in which has already been sent home. If you would like another copy, please let me know. The students have already written about 40 blog entries in one week. We are using the site as a place to journal personal narratives, to write critically about recently taught concepts, and to write affirmations to one another. Writing affirmations is a part of the Capruring Kids' Hearts program we use district wide. Parents, feel free to leave your child comments in their blog entries; please leave your name if you do. The comments are moderated before posting so you may not see it appear immediately. I encourage you to let your child blog at home through this site as it helps with their writing and spelling as well as giving them an opportunity to show what they know.
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