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Saturday, February 22, 2014

Planet Research

The students worked in small groups to research a specific planet. Each group was responsible for finding three important facts about their planet using a text source from the library. They then worked with me at the Promethean to find three additional facts from PebbleGo. After finding their facts, they worked with their groups to create posters about their planet. They presented their findings and posters to the class. The students were highly engaged because they got to become the "experts" on their planet and teach the other students.

Space Questions

As a part of our lessons on non-fiction texts and features, we began to research space. The students first had to brainstorm questions they had about space. They worked in small groups to record their questions on a Circle Map and then we added all of their questions to a t-chart on the Promethean board. We then used various non-fiction sources to find answers to those questions.


For brain breaks in between longer lessons, we have been playing the old fashioned game Simon. But, we added a modern twist by playing it on the Promethean board. I love this game because it helps the students build their listening skills, attention span, and memory. The students love it because it is fun and fast paced. You can find the game here.

Sunday, April 14, 2013

Technology Savy: Flower Diagrams

The students created diagrams on flowers on the computer using Pixie 2 software. They used the various painting and clipart features to create their pictures. They then used text boxes and our class Brace Map to label and write about the function of each part. All of their diagrams can be seen on their KidBlog. The students export their work independently as I model it on the Promethean Board and then upload their work into their own blog.

Monday, March 11, 2013

Probability Spinners Foldable

Using an online spinner on the Promethean Board, we practiced identifying what was certain, possible, and not possible. To assess the students understanding of probability, the students worked in small groups to create probability spinner foldables. On each flap of the four-flap foldable, they created a spinner by tracing a small bucket. On the first flap, they could only use one color. Under the flap they had to write one sentence about what color it was certain they would spin and one sentence about what is was impossible to spin. On the remaining three flaps, they created spinners with two, three, or four colors. They then wrote sentences under each flap about what was possible and what was not possible.

Empowering Writers

Our student teacher, Ms. Willemin, recently taught a grammar and writing lesson using Empowering Writers. After listening to part of a story, the students diagramed sentences to identify the noun and verb of each sentence as well as what goes at the beginning and ending of each good sentence.

Time Telling Game

To review telling time, the students love playing Read the Clock! on the Promethean Board. The game can be purchased from Lakeshore Learning. Because some of the questions go beyond the hour and half hour, the students work in groups to help determine the answer.

Bubble Burst

To help the students differentiate between even and odd numbers, they have been playing a game called Bubble Burst. The goal of the game is burst all of the odd numbers. As they play, the students help one another identify which bubbles to burst and must explain why. It keeps them thoroughly engaged.


One of the many ways we practice our weekly word wall and phonics words is through the lessons and games on SpellingCity. The students love playing all of the games and I love that it introduces the spelling of the words to the students as well as their meaning in sentences. We use this site on our Promethean Board as a part of Daily 5: Working on Words. SpellingCity is a fun, free way for your child to practice their words at home.

Friday, December 21, 2012

It's Christmas, David!

We read It's Christmas, David! so the students could practice identifying the story elements: character, setting, problem, and solution. After making a chart together on the Promethean, the students completed a story map on their own.

Saturday, November 3, 2012

Comparing Numbers to 50

In math we have been learning to compare and order numbers to 50. One way that we have been practicing is to use our Promethean Board to build numbers with Base Ten Blocks. The students take turns building the numbers and counting them. They then use text boxes to put the numbers in order from greatest to least and least to greatest.

Sunday, June 3, 2012

Johnny Appleseed

In Social Studies we have been studying about various American legends, including Johnny Appleseed. After watching a quick video about him on Discovery Streaming and reading several trade books, we created a Circle Map together on the Promethean Board. After discussing his various contributions, the students created their own apple trees out of construction paper as a graphic organizer. Each student added five apples to the tree and wrote "Did you know?" facts on the apples.

Place Value: Interactive Hundreds Board

To help the students prepare for their end of year exam and to review place value, we played a game on the Promethean Board using the interactive hundreds board on TeacherLed. I woud call out a clue to a mystery number that they students had to find on the board. For example, I would say "I'm thinking of a number that has seven tens and four ones." They students would highlight the number on the board. Other clues would be "I am thinking of a number that is the same as the expanded notation 40+5." I planned ahead what numbers to use so that the numbers would make a design once we were completed. This added to the students' level of engagement as they tried to figure out what the mystery picture would be. This mini-lesson is inspired by the work of Marcy Cook.

Saturday, April 21, 2012

Garden Word Problems

Using our Promethean Board, the students wrote various addition and subtraction word problems and then took turns solving them by drawing pictures. After drawing pictures to help them solve the problems, the students then wrote the number sentence and answer with label. They then wrote the related fact family number sentences.

Friday, April 20, 2012


Thank you to April Larremore, our district's Kinder/First Grade Strategist, for giving our class an electronic Jeopardy game. The students love it! We connected it to our Promethean Board thanks to the help of our Instructional Media Specialist, Sharon Thornton. The software that comes with the game is very easy to use and I was able to create several review games. My teammate, Ms. Branch, and I combined classes one afternoon during math to review various concepts. Each student had a dry-erase board to work out problems, as needed, and they took turns controlling the joysticks. They stayed engaged the entire time.

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