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Sunday, December 22, 2013

Holidays Around the World

In writing we researched and compared the role Santa Claus plays in The United States, Germany, France, and Mexico. As a whole group, we charted our findings on a grid for who the gift giver is, what he looks like, how he travels, when he comes, and where he leaves gifts. The students then took notes on their own copy of the grid. Using their notes, they chose to countries, and their version of Santa Claus, to compare on a Venn Diagram. After completing the Venn Diagram, they added heads, hats, legs, and arms to the Venn Diagram to look like Santa. Later in Social Studies we compared even more of the traditions of each country. We also looked at the traditions of Hanukkah in Israel as a part of our Social Studies lessons.

Monday, October 14, 2013

Asking and Answering Questions

Before reading The Kissing Hand, the students asked questions they had based on a picture walk. We typically take a picture walk before reading a book to get the students thinking about what may happen in the book and to allow them to make predictions. Taking a picture walk and asking questions helps greatly in their comprehension of the story. As the students asked questions, I charted them on the Promethean Board. After we read, we went back through the story to answer the questions using text evidence. The students then wrote down one question and its answer. Note taking is another high yield way for students to remember what they read and aids in comprehension.

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