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Sunday, November 4, 2012

Base Ten Flashcards to 100

Fellow teachers, I created an extensive set of Base Ten Flashcards to 100. The set includes five different ways to represent the numbers: pictorial representation with Base Ten Blocks, numerical form, number of Tens/Ones, expanded notation, and word form. Ideas for using this resource include but not limited to:
  • Play “Around the World” to review
  • Create a Tree Map to show various ways to represent numbers
  • Play “Concentration” to match various ways to represent numbers
  • Build numbers using manipulatives
  • Order cards from greatest to least, least to greatest
You can download the flashcards at my TPT store.

Friday, January 20, 2012

Online Flashcards and Timer

Fact Monster has decent online addition flashcards that the students can practice at home. You can find the flashcards here. In class when we take the math facts checks we use this online countdown clock so the students can monitor their own progress. Another great site to practice addition flashcards is Mr. Martini's classroom site. These flashcards are much larger and the students can click on the sum at the bottom of the card rather than typing in the answer.

Math Facts Checks

This nine weeks we wil begin our emphasis on learning math facts. Each week your child will create addition flashcards in class which will be sent home to study. each Friday the students will be given fifty addition problems which they must complete within five minutes. This averages out to be about six seconds per problem. Eventually the students need tobe able to identify the math facts within three second. But, we will build up to this goal gradually. Studnets who do not earn at least 70% on their math facts check will have the opportunity to be rechecked for a sticker on their goal sheet but the original grade will remain. We will work on the addition facts in this order:

Week 1: +1
Week 2: +2
Week 3: +3
Week 4: +4
Week 5: +5
Week 6: +6
Week 7: +7
Week 8: +8
Week 9: +9

Saturday, January 29, 2011

Place Value Flashcards to 99

To help the students with identifying larger numbers, I created a set of Place Value flashcards with both numbers and Base Ten Blocks. We use the flashcards in a variety of ways:
  • drawing a number card and building it with Base Ten Blocks
  • drawing a Base Ten card and writing the matching number on a dry-erase board
  • playing "Around the World" with the Base Ten cards
  • identify the number of Tens and Ones with the number cards by drawing sticks and dots
  • drawing three cards of either number cards or Base Ten cards and ordering them from greatest to least or least to greatest
  • matching number cards to Base Ten cards

Saturday, October 9, 2010

Word Wall Flashcards

To help your child learn their Word Wall words, I created Word Wall Flashcards. We will be creating Word Wall Rings in class over the next few weeks. The Word Wall Rings will be sent home so your child can practice them daily. I've attached copies of the flashcards here in case you want an extra set. I suggest keeping a set in the car for those commutes to and from school, the grocery store, etc.

1st Six Weeks Word Wall Flashcards -

2nd Six Weeks Word Wall Flashcards -

Third Six Weeks Word Wall Flashcards -

Fourth Six Weeks Word Wall Flashcards -

Fifth Six Weeks Word Wall Flashcards -

Sixth Six Weeks Word Wall Flashcards -
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