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Monday, March 12, 2018

Jim Dine and Peter Max Inspired Artworks

Fall Landscapes

Marisol Inspired Self-Portraits

Soaring to New Heights: Hot Air Balloons

Spring Flower Pinch Pots

Gelli Plate Animal Collages

Spirit of Service Projects Honoring MLK

Paper Plate Scarecrows and Owls


Pumpkin Art

Base Ten Posters with Expanded Notation

These posters represent numbers to 30 using Base Ten blocks. The posters include the numerical and word from as well the quantity of tens and ones and expanded notation. The posters can also be folded in half to create flashcards. Once they are folded in half, glue the back sides together and laminate. Students can use the pictorial model and record the number of tens and ones and its expanded notation or vice versa.

Saturday, March 12, 2016

Playdough Art Based Station

To give the students more opportunity to make sculptures, we have a Playdough Station. In this Art Based Station, students can make any sculpture they want. Below are some examples of students who practiced making masks with the dough.

Radial Patterns Station

Kinder through Second Grade students practice creating radial patterns using wooden pattern blocks. Below are some examples of their work:

Read, Write, and Sketch The Art Room

Before teaching Visual Arts, I taught First Grade. With that background, I believe that "Word Walls" are a good reference for students when learning new content related vocabulary words. In one of our Art Based Learning Stations, students "Read, Write, and Sketch" the art room including the Visual Arts Word Wall (located on our cabinets due to lack of wall space). The word wall cards that I use came for Teachers Pay Teachers and can be located here and here. In this station, students may use clipboards or the counter to choose four words to read about. They then take notes on the definition provided on the word wall. They then sketch an example of that word.

Kindergarten Calder Inspired Creations

After studying about artist Alexander Calder, Kindergarten students cut out shapes in primary colors and arranged them intuitively on their work. They then created various lines in the background using a ruler. Their works were on display for Open House and Big Art Day.

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