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Sunday, September 27, 2015

Fifth Grade Tie-Dye

Fifth Grade drew various intersecting wavy lines to divide the space of a piece of paper. In those spaces, they used oil pastels to create warm and cool color tie-dye patterns to practice blending techniques.

Saturday, April 25, 2015

Wayne Thiebaud: Fifth Grade Three Tier Cakes

Fifth graders learned how to draw their tier cakes as a part of an artist study over Wayne Thiebaud. After drawing their cakes with white colored pencils on black paper, they colored them white with oil pastels. They then chose to colors to add shadows on the sides of the cake. These cakes were displayed outside the art room for Open House.

Wayne Thiebaud: Third Grade Cupcakes

As a part of an artist study over Wayne Thiebaud, third graders learned how to draw cupcakes sitting on a table at different locations to give the perception of one being in front, one being in the middle, and one being at the back. They used oil pastels to add color to their drawings. Their work was displayed in our hallway for Open House.

Friday, April 24, 2015

Third Grade Snowmen

We obviously went with a snowman theme in the younger grades during winter. For this lesson, I asked the third graders to take turns laying on the ground while others stood around them. We talked about how the view of their friends is different than if they are sitting or standing next to them. They then pretended that they were laying in snow somewhere and magical snowmen came to life and surrounded them. Using the corners of their square paper as reference starting points, they students created four snowmen with different details to show that perspective. They used oil pastels for their creations.

First Grade Snowmen

I asked First Graders what a snowman would look like if they tilted their head to the left or to the right to begin a discussion on perspective. After the discussion, the students drew a snowman from one of the corners at an angle to show that perspective. They colored their snowmen with oil pastels and added various details such as scarves, mittens, hats, etc.

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