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Sunday, January 17, 2016

Third Grade Texture Snowmen

Although the drawings/paintings themselves look simple, the students had to measure and mix tempera paint and baking soda to create a snow-like texture to paint their snowman:

Fourth and Fifth Grade Snowmen

Elfie Selfies

My last minute addition to our campus' holiday door decorating:

Friday, April 24, 2015

Grand Prairie ISD Experience

Our district is an open choice district where families and students can apply for a school of their choice. To showcase different options within our district, they hold Grand Prairie ISD Experience each year. As a part of the experience, each school was able to show one piece of student artwork. Below is work that one of my fifth graders created. He drew the landscape and painted it with colors he mixed himself. He added baking soda to the white tempera paint to add texture and a more realistic look to the snow scene.

Door Decorating Contest

Our school had a holiday door decorating contest during December. This was my contribution to the art room door. I created a giant gingerbread house with various pieces of candy and a friendly gingerbread man.

Kindergarten Thumbprint Holiday Lights

Kindergarten practiced making wavy lines with permanent black markers. After making their lines, they added holiday lights with their thumbprints.

Fifth Grade Birch Trees

To experiment with color mixing and tape resist, the fifth grade students created birch trees. They first added three strips of painters tape to white construction paper. They then started with blue tempera paint and painted the middle section of the paper horizontally. They then added white to create a tint for the lower third of the paper. They added black to the blue tempera paint to create a darker shade for the top third. They then pulled off the tape to reveal the white. They added small details in blue to the birch trees to show texture.

Catching Snow in Fourth Grade

Fourth Grade students performed "Show Me The Snow" for their music program this year. To go along with this and some previous lessons on viewpoints, they drew various shapes such as half circles, circles, and rectangles and pieced them together to make a person looking up to catch a snowflake. They added details such as hair to make it more like them.

Third Grade Snowmen

We obviously went with a snowman theme in the younger grades during winter. For this lesson, I asked the third graders to take turns laying on the ground while others stood around them. We talked about how the view of their friends is different than if they are sitting or standing next to them. They then pretended that they were laying in snow somewhere and magical snowmen came to life and surrounded them. Using the corners of their square paper as reference starting points, they students created four snowmen with different details to show that perspective. They used oil pastels for their creations.

Second Grade Snowmen

Second Graders also created snowmen but they created them by cutting paper. They traced various sized bowls for the body and head. They cut rectangles shapes for a scarf. They added various stripes and details to the scarves in a pattern. They also drew a triangle shape for a carrot nose. Before gluing it down, they positioned it in various locations to make the snowman appear that he was looking in different directions. We talked about how there was no need for eyes because if you pointed the nose upward, it makes the snowman appear as if its looking up.

First Grade Snowmen

I asked First Graders what a snowman would look like if they tilted their head to the left or to the right to begin a discussion on perspective. After the discussion, the students drew a snowman from one of the corners at an angle to show that perspective. They colored their snowmen with oil pastels and added various details such as scarves, mittens, hats, etc.

Kiindergarten Snowmen

Kindergarten practiced fine motor skills by tracing circles of various sizes, cutting them out, and then arranging them however they chose to make it look like the snowman was looking up at the sky. Some of the kids chose to use four or five circles, some chose three, and some chose to use just two. They all turned out cute!

Saturday, February 22, 2014

If I Lived in a Snow Globe

The students wrote sentences to explain what they would do if they lived in a snow globe. They then created a snow globe out of construction paper and illustrated at least one thing they would do.

Monday, January 21, 2013

Snowflake Desciptive Writing

The students used a Tree Map with questions on it to help them describe what a snowflake looks like, feels like, and what you can do with it. They used the Tree Map to help them write at least three descriptive sentences about a snowflake.

The Snowman

The students read and watched the video of The Snowman by Raymond Briggs. They then created their own snowman art. The students were very creative and they turned out so great! Using our writing program, Write From the Beginning, the students used a Circle Map and Tree Map to help them write sentences to describe their snowman (or woman)!
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