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Saturday, March 12, 2016

Third Grade Alexander Calder Paintings

Third Grade created paintings loosely inspired by artist Alexander Calder. Each student rolled a dice to determine how many circles, wavy lines, and starburst shapes to their work. They then painted the lines black. Once dry, they filled in the rest of the area with primary colors. All of their pieces were displayed together as one large artwork.

Sunday, January 17, 2016

Third Grade Texture Snowmen

Although the drawings/paintings themselves look simple, the students had to measure and mix tempera paint and baking soda to create a snow-like texture to paint their snowman:

Polar Express Day

Here is the Polar Express Day photo backdrop I created for our school:

Joan Miro Inspired Projects

Each grade level study different aspects of Joan Miro's artwork and then created their own artwork inspired by him:

Kinder and First Grade Joan Miro Inspired Collaborative Murals

After studying artist Joan Miro, the students created collaborative murals based on the shapes and lines found in his work:

Third Grade Pollack Inspired Owls

First Grade Collaborative Fall Trees

Fourth Grade Fall Trees

Fourth Graders completed trees by only painting with the eraser end of pencils:

Third Grade Fall Landscapes

Second Grade Pumpkins

First Grade Reflective Fall Trees

Kinder Watercolor Leaves

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