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Saturday, November 8, 2014

Fourth Grade Pumpkins

Fourth Graders worked on drawing overlapping pumpkins. They added a horizon line to separate the land and sky. They added details to show implied wind and texture on the grass. They traced their drawings with colored permanent markers and then water colored them.

Tuesday, November 26, 2013

Pumpkin Patch Place Value

Each student was given a bag of candy pumpkins to count during a Place Value lesson. They used a ten rod sheet to help sort the candy in rows of tens. We discussed that it is quicker to count by tens than by ones because ten is a larger number. After making their pumpkin patch with the candy, they recreated it on the ten rod sheet by thumb printing pumpkins. They then completed a recording sheet to identify how many tens and ones were in their pumpkin patch as well as the expanded notation. Their work was bound into a class book to use during Math Tubbing. The templates can be downloaded from my Teachers Pay Teachers store.

Pumpkin Descriptive Writing

The students used Thinking Maps to organize their ideas of how to describe a pumpkin. They then wrote three sentences using those Maps. Each week I model for the students how to use Thinking Maps to help them with their writing. Then they write independently for the first three days. On the fourth day, I sit down with each student individually to do one-on-one editing. When I see an area that needs to be corrected, I ask the students a guiding question such as "What goes at the beginning of the sentences?" and they answer. I think this helps them take more ownership and leads to better writing the next time. After we edit together, they go back and rewrite a final draft which is what is displayed in the hallway. While I work with students one-on-one, the other students are  working in Daily 5. Occasionally I will have an independent art project that they can do to go along with their writing.

Pumpkin Shapes

While learning about the attributes of shapes, we discussed that the attributes stay the same no matter how large or small you make that shape. The students explored this concept by making larger squares, square rectangles, and triangles out of smaller pattern blocks. They then used paper pattern blocks to make a pumpkin shape. As they worked we discussed how many sides and vertices each shaped had.

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