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Sunday, September 27, 2015

Second Grade Rockets

Second Grade practiced using a ruler as a tool for measurement when drawing. Each student had to draw a rocket ship that was five inches long. They then added various lines to be the flames. The students colored the rocket ship with crayons and then painted the lines in color wheel order.

First Grade Crazy Hair Lines

The First Graders recently drew self portraits with crazy hair to practice drawing various lines, after drawing their portraits and coloring their faces with crayons, they painted their hair in color wheel order with liquid water colors.

Kindergarten Lines and Colors

The Kindergarten students practiced making various lines in pencil and then traced them in permanent marker. The following week, the used liquid water colors to paint their art in color wheel order.


Saturday, April 25, 2015

Kindergarten Kandinsky Inspired Art

Kindergarten created abstract paintings based on the works of Wassily Kandinsky. They first used cardboard tubes to stamp black circles all over their paper. They then added implied texture by printing small circles on top with bubble wrap and peach paint. Once these had both dried, the water colored the inside of the circles and painted over the rest of the white space. The use of water colors on top of the peach tempera paint allowed the bubble wrap design to still show through.

Wayne Thiebaud: Fourth Grade Cakes

Fourth graders learned how to draw three tier cakes as a part of our study on artist Wayne Thiebaud. They reviewed basic types of lines and used those lines to create interesting designs on their cakes. We discussed various jobs that you can have as an artist including a cake designer. They then added a border with various lines.The students outlined their drawings in permanent marker and then painted them with water colors. These were displayed across from the art room as a part of a larger Wayne Thiebaud inspired display at Open House.

Wayne Thiebaud: Second Grade Cupcakes

Second graders learned to draw a cupcake using the entire picture plane as a part of our school wide Wayne Thiebaud artist study. After drawing, they painted their pictures with water colors and cut them out. They mounted them on black construction paper. These were displayed in our back hallway for Open House.

Saturday, November 8, 2014

Fourth Grade Pumpkins

Fourth Graders worked on drawing overlapping pumpkins. They added a horizon line to separate the land and sky. They added details to show implied wind and texture on the grass. They traced their drawings with colored permanent markers and then water colored them.

Second Grade Scarecrows

Second Grade has been working on drawing pictures using simple shapes and then adding detail such as implied texture. The students followed multi-step directions to draw a friendly scarecrow. After drawing, they traced their scarecrows in permanent markers and then painted them using watercolors. I love how these turned out!


Sunday, October 19, 2014

Mouse Paint: Kindergarten

Kindergarten read Mouse Paint by Ellen Stoll Walsh to learn about primary colors and the secondary colors created by mixing those colors. After reading the book, the students used mouse shaped tracers to draw six mice in a circular shape. They then traced the mice in black markers. They then added eyes and tails with spiral lines. Next the students painted in each mouse in color wheel order with liquid water colors.

The Line: Third Grade

Third Grade read The Line by Paula Bossio to discuss how various lines form various pictures. We talked about the importance of being able to draw various lines well. The students practiced drawing various lines by creating an eight part foldable. In each section of the foldable, they drew one type of line and repeated it for a total of three lines per section. They then water colored each section. We talked about spacing out the colors to create visual interest. Once the students were finished, they commented that their work kind of looked like quilts.

Lines That Wiggle: First and Second Grade Lines

First and Second Grade read Lines That Wiggle by Candace Whitman to learn about various types of lines. They then drew various lines with black markers and water colored over them. Firs Grade could choose whatever colors they wanted as long as they used a variety of four different colors. Second Grade had a limited selection of primary colors.

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