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Sunday, September 27, 2015

Fifth Grade Tie-Dye

Fifth Grade drew various intersecting wavy lines to divide the space of a piece of paper. In those spaces, they used oil pastels to create warm and cool color tie-dye patterns to practice blending techniques.

Third Grade Hot Air Balloons

Third Grade drew hot air balloons and added various lines as details. To color in their designs, they chose one color from the color wheel and filled in the space created between every other line. They then had to use the color wheel as a graphic organizer to figure out what their chosen color's complimentary color would be and color in the rest of the space. For the background, they colored the clouds with white crayon and then painted over them to create a crayon resist.

Second Grade Rockets

Second Grade practiced using a ruler as a tool for measurement when drawing. Each student had to draw a rocket ship that was five inches long. They then added various lines to be the flames. The students colored the rocket ship with crayons and then painted the lines in color wheel order.

First Grade Crazy Hair Lines

The First Graders recently drew self portraits with crazy hair to practice drawing various lines, after drawing their portraits and coloring their faces with crayons, they painted their hair in color wheel order with liquid water colors.

Kindergarten Lines and Colors

The Kindergarten students practiced making various lines in pencil and then traced them in permanent marker. The following week, the used liquid water colors to paint their art in color wheel order.


Sunday, October 19, 2014

Raining Colors: Second Grade

With the aid of rulers, second grade drew a top view of umbrellas divided into six sections. They colored each section in order of the color wheel. They then drew basic geometric shapes under the umbrella to form a raincoat and boots. They also drew organic shapes of raindrops and a puddle.

A Rainbow of Friends: First Grade

First Grade read A Rainbow of Friends by P.K. Hallinan as a connection to creating our class Social Contract and as an introduction to the color wheel, primary colors, and secondary colors. Each student used various shaped foam stamps to paint shapes in color wheel order. The next week, once the paint was dry, they used multicultural markers to add heads, arms, and legs to the shapes. They then added basic facial features, hair, and shoes to match the shapes.

Mouse Paint: Kindergarten

Kindergarten read Mouse Paint by Ellen Stoll Walsh to learn about primary colors and the secondary colors created by mixing those colors. After reading the book, the students used mouse shaped tracers to draw six mice in a circular shape. They then traced the mice in black markers. They then added eyes and tails with spiral lines. Next the students painted in each mouse in color wheel order with liquid water colors.

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