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Sunday, October 19, 2014

Zentangle Color Wheels: Fourth Grade

Fourth Grade learned about the art of Zentangles. Using various handouts as inspirations and their own knowledge of lines, the students drew various Zentangle creations into sections of a color wheel they drew with rulers. They traced their lines with markers and colored in the color wheel sections with crayons.

Raining Colors: Second Grade

With the aid of rulers, second grade drew a top view of umbrellas divided into six sections. They colored each section in order of the color wheel. They then drew basic geometric shapes under the umbrella to form a raincoat and boots. They also drew organic shapes of raindrops and a puddle.

A Rainbow of Friends: First Grade

First Grade read A Rainbow of Friends by P.K. Hallinan as a connection to creating our class Social Contract and as an introduction to the color wheel, primary colors, and secondary colors. Each student used various shaped foam stamps to paint shapes in color wheel order. The next week, once the paint was dry, they used multicultural markers to add heads, arms, and legs to the shapes. They then added basic facial features, hair, and shoes to match the shapes.

Lines That Move: Fifth Grade

Fifth Grade created moving lines using just paper, markers, scissors, and glue. They first drew curved lines in complementary color patterns from two opposite corners. Then, on the back side, they used rulers to measure equal strips of straight lines. They cut the lines apart and then arranged them on black construction paper in a wave. To create the wave, they fanned out the first half of the strips going in one direction and the second half of the strips fanned out in the opposite direction.

Fourth Grade Foil Lines

Fourth Grade students used various art materials to create their low-relief line art. They started with a piece of cardboard and cut slits into the edges. They then weaved yarn through the slits and across the cardboard creating various diagonal lines. They then wrapped the cardboard in foil and smoothed it out over the yarn causing areas of low-relief. They then colored in the low-relief areas with Sharpie Markers. Thank you to PTA for buying these materials for us!

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