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Sunday, September 27, 2015

Fifth Grade Tie-Dye

Fifth Grade drew various intersecting wavy lines to divide the space of a piece of paper. In those spaces, they used oil pastels to create warm and cool color tie-dye patterns to practice blending techniques.

Friday, November 21, 2014

Primary Colors Project: 3-5

When we were studying Piet Mondrian a while back, third through fifth grade started a collaborative primary color collage project. They began with boxes wrapped in black paper. They then cut apart primary colored construction paper into strips and then in smaller squares. They glued the pieces all over the boxes one side at a time making sure that they overlapped so no black was showing. Now that they are complete, we display them on top of one of our classroom supply cabinets.

Saturday, November 8, 2014

Fifth Grade Fall Mosaics

Fifth Grade created fall mosaics with painted paper. In the first step, they water colored fall colors in organic shapes on construction paper. In the next step, they cut the paper into strips and cut those strips into angled pieces. As they worked, we discussed the process of creating mosaics out of tiles and the grouting process. The students chose a fall shape template, traced it, and cut it out. They then used their painted paper pieces to create a mosaic pattern. They glued the pieces all over their fall shape leaving only small amounts of white showing. After completing their mosaic, they glued their shape to a black background. We discussed white and black as neutrals to allow the colors to pop.

Third Grade Pattern Spider Webs

The Third Grade students drew spider webs using a variety of straight lines with the aid of a ruler. The free-hand drew curved lines to connect the straight lines forming the spider web. After drawing, the colored each section with crayons in a two-color pattern. They worked on showing variety and balance as they worked. After completing the patterns, they created spiders out of black paper to add to the web.

Monday, October 20, 2014

Trees in Moonlight: Fourth Grade

Fourth Grade students practiced creating tints and shades by adding white or black to blue tempera paint. Starting with the tint, they painted a full moon on construction paper. They then used the blue hue to paint a ring around it. They then used the shade to paint the rest of the paper in a circular shape. In the pictures, they outside looks more black than it really is. After painting, they cut out a tree on black paper and glued it to their moon background to create positive and negative space.

Cool Color Birds: Second Grade

Second Grade students created a sky background with grass by painting only with cool colors. With the help of tracers, they cut out various sized and shaped black birds. They also cut strips of black paper to represent grass. They glued their birds and grass to the sky and grass background to create positive and negative space silhouettes.

Sunday, October 19, 2014

Warm and Cool Waves: Fifth Grade

Fifth Grade demonstrated their knowledge of warm and cool colors by creating wave patterns. They first used a ruler to create a grid. They then drew waves on top of the grid. As they did this, we reviewed the differences between geometric and organic shapes. The students traced their lines in black marker. They then colored the grid in a warm color pattern. They then colored the waves in a cool color pattern.

Cool and Warm Hands: Third Grade

Third Grade students created patterns with geometric shapes and cool/warm colors. To integrate math, students had to find either a square or circle that covered the most area. They traced that shape and then found the same shape but with less area. They traced the shape and then repeated this step until they got to the shape that covered the least area. Once their shapes were traced, they traced their handprint in the middle. They then colored the geometric shapes in a pattern of either warm or cool colors. They colored the handprint in the opposite set of colors. For display, I grouped them into warm and cool colors.

Cool and Warm Birds: First Grade

First Grade drew birds using basic 2D shapes. They drew their birds sitting on straight lines like wires. For each bird, we talked about how you can change the way the birds look by moving just the position of their beaks and eyes. Some birds were drawn looking up, some were drawn looking to the side, and some were drawn looking straight forward. After tracing their drawings in black, the students painted one row in cool colors and one row in warm colors using liquid water colors.

Environmental Print Color Wheels: Kinder

Kinder students worked together to create basic color wheels with magazine pictures and words. They sorted the clippings by color and practiced using glue sticks to attach them to paper plates.

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