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Saturday, March 12, 2016

Kindergarten MLK Projects

During our study of Martin Luther King, Jr. the Kindergarten students created overlapping handprints with various skin tones.

Sunday, September 27, 2015

Fourth Grade Tints and Shades

Fourth Graders drew continuous wavy lines and then drew geometric shapes on top. For the geometric shapes, they colored them in with a shade and a tint of a color. They repeated this for the background but I a different color.

Third Grade Hot Air Balloons

Third Grade drew hot air balloons and added various lines as details. To color in their designs, they chose one color from the color wheel and filled in the space created between every other line. They then had to use the color wheel as a graphic organizer to figure out what their chosen color's complimentary color would be and color in the rest of the space. For the background, they colored the clouds with white crayon and then painted over them to create a crayon resist.

Second Grade Rockets

Second Grade practiced using a ruler as a tool for measurement when drawing. Each student had to draw a rocket ship that was five inches long. They then added various lines to be the flames. The students colored the rocket ship with crayons and then painted the lines in color wheel order.

Friday, November 21, 2014

Happy Thanksgiving!

Happy Thanksgiving from Moseley Elementary! Each student from Pre-Kindergarten through Fifth Grade designed a turkey feather using only lines and/or patterns. Their feathers were then assembled as grade level collaborative turkeys. I love how unique each feather is and yet they complement each other.

Collaborative Fall Collage

Fifth Grade painted paper in various fall water colors a while back while working on their Fall Mosaics. There were quite a few pieces left over so all of the grades worked together to create a fall collage. The students worked in partners and small groups to glue the extra pieces on white construction paper. They worked on overlapping the pieces until no white showed. Once their piece was complete, it was joined with another completed piece until they were all connected. The end result is just a little bit smaller than a bulletin board and I love it!

Primary Colors Project: K-2

A while back, the students created artwork collaboratively using only shapes and primary colors. They first painted white construction paper in sections. Once it was dry, they cut out various shapes on the paper. They then glued the paper to a black background. Once the pieces were laminated, we assembled them with tape and mounted them around one of our classroom doors. These went along with our lessons over Piet Mondrian.

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