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Sunday, June 8, 2014

Letters to Kindergarten

First Graders wrote letters to Kindergarten last week to tell them what to expect next year. They wrote about their favorite lessons, activities, and more. They then visited Mrs. Huggin's Kindergarten class to read their letters and answer questions. It was a great opportunity for them to be leaders and role models. It was also a great opportunity for them to work on public speaking.

Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Friendly Letters

After hearing from our garden expert, the students wrote friendly letters to thank her for sharing her knowledge and to tell her what they learned. As a class, we used the Letter Generator from Read, Write, Think as a model. They then wrote their own individual letters.

Saturday, June 1, 2013

Letters to Kindergarten

The students have been learning how to write friendly letters. This was a great opportunity to have the students write to the Kindergarten students about what to expect when they get to first grade. First, the students brainstormed their favorite things about first grade and we wrote them on a class Circle Map. Then, they learned about the features of a friendly letter using the Letter Generator from ReadWriteThink. Next, the students wrote first drafts of their letters. After revising and editing their letters, they rewrote them and practiced reading them aloud to their classmates. Finally, they got to visit one of the Kindergarten classes to read their letters to a partner. This was their favorite part!


Sunday, June 3, 2012

Summer Bucket List

The students created a summer bucket list of things they would like to do this summer. I found this idea on Pinterest. I believe the original idea came from TeachWithMe. After creating the buckets and writing their lists, the students visited the computer lab to write a friendly letter to their parents using the Letter Generator from ReadWriteThink to tell them about one thing they would like to do this summer.

Friendly Letters to Kindergarten

In writing the students have been learning to write friendly letters. Using the Letter Generator from ReadWriteThink, the students wrote a class letter to Kindergarten about all of the things they learned and enjoyed in first grade. After modeling how to write a friendly letter, the students wrote letters to Kindergarten on their own. After editing the letters in writing workshop, they wrote their final drafts. Last Thursday the students visited Mrs. Munoz's Kindergarten class to read their letters to her students.

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