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Saturday, May 3, 2014

Guest Speaker

Friday first grade had a guest speaker to share information about her job in the promotions department of KISS FM radio. Ms. Guterriez, who has a brother in one of our first grade classes, talked to the students about the importance of reading and writing in her job, the reason radio stations do promotions (to persuade - great tie in to author's purpose), and how they use technology (great tie in to our lessons on inventions). Another great tie in was that Friday was also GenTX Day which promotes college readiness. According to their website, "This year’s GenTX Day is a call to action statewide to motivate students with a real-world college experience that inspires them to visualize a career goal and take the steps to achieve it." The guest speaker told the students that she will be graduating soon with  a degree in broadcasting and was able to stress the importance of college. Thank you to our teammate, Ms. Moncibaiz, for setting this up for our students.

Saturday, February 22, 2014

Parent Guest Reader

We had a parent volunteer from PTA, who happens to have three students (yes, triplets) in our class, visit recently to read to the students. They enjoyed hearing a parent read them several stories. Thank you for supporting our class and school!

Monday, October 14, 2013

College Week: Guest Speakers

During College Week, the students had two guest speakers come talk to them about the importance of going to college. The first is a scientist from The University of Texas at Arlington. She talked to the students about what she studied in college and what she does now. The second works in finance for Honda. He talked to the students about the importance of earning good grades. He equated earning good grades and getting scholarships to college to having a good credit score. The students were very engaged and full of questions.

Friday, April 20, 2012

Research: Garden Expert

As a part of our research over the garden habitat, one of the grandparents from our school who just happens to be a garden expert, visited with all of first grade to share infomation about plants and bring in examples. Mrs. Flowers (yes, that is really her name!) owns Pat's Plants in Grand Prairie. She explained the various functions of plants and their various needs. The students were able to ask questions they had come up with during their research. In class, they added information that she shared to their research plan handout. Mrs. Flowers was amazing! She even brought seeds, soil, and cups for each student to be able to plant their own flowers! We are saving our seeds to plant on Earth Day!

Brain Awareness Week

Dr. Perotti, a professor at The University of Texas at Arlington, taught a lesson to all of the first graders about the brain as a part of Brain Awareness Week. The students learned the parts of the brain and its various functions. They even made models of brains with Playdough. It is so nice to have Mosely parents who are willing to share their expertise!

Thursday, January 19, 2012

Texas Rangers Visit!!!

The students and staff at Moseley welcomed very speical guests to the school on Tuesday! Tom Grieve and Michael Kirkman from Texas Rangers, along with Captain, came to speak to the students. The kids were so excited. Thanks to the Texas Rangers for making time to remind the students of hte importance of school and for allowing time for the students to ask them questions.

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